In this country they brew a new beer flavor made out of human piss – The “Pisner”

The Pisner Beer and a festival toilet - Youtube/MontageThe Pisner Beer and a festival toilet - Youtube/Montage

In Denmark they have began selling a new beer type with interesting flavors and ingredients – Beer made out of real human piss, called the “Pisner”

A Danish brewing company,┬áNorrebro Bryghus, based in Copenhagen, has launched a new beer type made out of human urine, The “Pisner that comes from the Danish word “Pilsner” (meaning Danish bear).

The company spokesperson, CEO, Henry Vang, said that they decided to use human urine as the company switched to organic type of beer.

They collected 13,000 gallons of human urine waste form the toilets of the largest music festival in Europe.

The company then used the waste in the malting process. The human urine that the company had collected was enough to produce 60,000 bottles of beer.

Vang said that Pisner fits in perfectly with the new trend of producing recyclable beer.